Youth Network for Peaceful Election

Young votersThe Ghanaian Youth Network for Peaceful Election (GYNPE) has reminded political parties that this year’s general election was about Ghana and not any specific party’s interest.

It, has, subsequently urged party loyalists and politicians in general to be guarded by it in order not to derail the country’s democratic credentials.

The president of the group, Michael Boateng Ofori, said in a statement that the heightened of politics of insult and defamation of character by some politicians were affront to the tenants of democracy and needed to be discouraged.

‘Ghana is bigger than any political stream, so the youth should not allow themselves to be used by any of the political parties to bring chaos and violence but rather team up to say no to violence and tribal politics,’ he said.

Mr Ofori called on leaders of the various political parties to call their members to order especially those who have the penchant for spewing unprintable words and championing divisive language.

‘We call on all politicians and party activists to consider the peace we are enjoying in the country and maintain it,’ he said.

They called for the strengthening of the country’s electoral systems to make the election more credible to avoid any group taking the Electoral Commission to the law court after the elections.



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