Pastor Charges Clergy …To Stop Using Ghana’s Election As Their ‘Cocoa Season’

PastorsThe Founder and Leader of the Living Testimonies for Jesus Bible Ministry, Pastor & Evangelist Sampson Joe Baning, has indicated that a section of the high profile clergy and self-appointed custodians of Christianity in Ghana are being used by Satan to destroy the spiritual content of Christianity that leads to true salvation.

According to him, the Clergy in Ghana have been so magnetized to political authority at the expense of their divine duty in tending the flock and feeding them with the word of God that leads to righteousness, which they themselves are expected to manifest.

The concealment of this posture notwithstanding, simple analyses of their worldly exploits easily betray them. Besides secretly indulging in deep cult practices through the anti-Christ projection, they also have dubious investments and dabble in underground corruption much worse than politicians and public officials who are always cited.

Pastor Joe Baning was speaking during the Narrow Way Gospel Revival Message Project special lessons meant to resurrect end time gospel revival for Christians in Ghana and all over the world over the weekend. He used this maiden edition as introduction and background to the concept of salvation and implored Christians all over the world seeking true salvation to join in subsequent lessons.

He averred that these self-appointed custodians of Christianity are only seeking ways to divert Christians and true believers’ focus from the way to Salvation and called on believers to watch the effect of institutionalized Christianity, since it is no more Evangelism but networking, which is manned by high profiled satanic agents masquerading as ministers of the gospel. These are the “wolves in sheep skin” that Jesus talked about in the Bible. As Jesus exposed them in his days like the Pharisees, look at how they cherish demonstrating their so-called anointing in public by clenching their fists and holding hands to pray for political leaders.

Pastor Joe Baning also revealed that the danger here is that, hiding behind institutionalized Christianity, this section of the clergy has so craftily succeeded in deceiving believers and the people of Ghana that they are the true intercessors through whom God will bring peace to Ghana during elections but he pointed out that, prayers of such institutionalized Christian groups notwithstanding their lifestyles, and others working as agents for the Anti-Christ cannot claim anything from God.

He reiterated that it is the true Christians who should pray to God because it is not the prayers of the clergy but the prayers of the righteous Christians that God will listen to.

Giving a discourse on the divine position of Ghana in the scheme of things of God amidst deafening cheers, he related this to his biblical research findings, which will soon be released in Ghana and the whole world. He talked about how this revelation will link biblical factors from Eden to Babel in Shinar to the lost continent of Atlantis, the divine and physical centre of the Earth to Ancient Egypt, ancient Ghana and finally to Bono Manso in Modern Ghana.

Pastor Baning warned that the clergy should stop boosting their own image through concealed populist tactics in Ghana’s charged political platform hiding behind so-called peace, which they have no power to give. He said, nowhere in the Bible has God stated that prayers of institutionalized self-appointed ecclesiastical leadership merely claiming to be custodians of Christian doctrine can get God to do something on their behalf.

“God will never countenance any destruction for Ghana for it is a spiritual centre in the biblical perspective and the clergy must not usurp the glory of God to deceive people. Knowing this, Satan is using the clergy to push their empty baskets and cash in on which government comes to power, by claiming that they have prayed for the nation. They should stop creating panic and confusion to exploit because besides God’s own prophetic plan for Ghana true Christians are praying for Ghana and God listens to them. God’s Spirit will surely help us to put things in their right perspective. The clergy cannot use this election as their cocoa season” he said.

Source: New Crusading Guide

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